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Zap duplicate tracks in your music collection.

As music collections grow, so do the number of duplicate tracks, creating a mess of clutter in your digital music library. Banishing unwanted duplicates from your music collection is a breeze with DeDuper.

TuneUp – Remove duplicate tracks
TuneUp – Streamline your music

Streamline your music collection.

Using the same acoustic fingerprinting technology that powers other parts of TuneUp, DeDuper will hunt down all of the duplicate tracks in your music collection and display them for you in one easy-to-manage list.

Flexible, fast, easy.

You can remove all of your duplicate songs with a single click, or review each one individually. DeDuper also allows you to review duplicates by bitrate and file location.

TuneUp – Review duplicates
TuneUp – Free up valuable hard drive space

Conserve valuable space.

After you’ve successfully removed all of the duplicate files in your music collection, simply sync your MP3 player, smart phone, external hard drive, or cloud storage to free up valuable space on all of your devices.