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Get the most out of the music you love.

After your music collection is nice and organized, check out Tuniverse for a virtual treasure chest of music-related goodness – personalized to what’s in your music collection.

TuneUp – Explore your music
TuneUp - Lyrics

Lyrics for millions of songs.

Play a song in your music player and head over to the Lyrics feature to see all of the lyrics for that song – a perfect tool for helping you memorize the words to your favorite tunes.

Personalized concert alerts.

Never miss another show with TuneUp’s Concerts feature. This unique tool combs through your entire music collection to provide you with list view of upcoming shows in your area, based on the artists in your music library.

TuneUp – Concert alerts
TuneUp – Share and discover

Discover, learn and share.

Tuniverse offers a ton of other music-related goodies, like artist bios, music videos and album recommendations. TuneUp also provides Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share your favorite jams with your social networks.