Important noticex
Starting with iTunes 12.2, third party applications require permission in order to access iTunes music collections.

In order to enable TuneUp integration with iTunes, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and select Share iTunes library XML with other applications.

Close and restart iTunes in order for this setting to take effect.

Note: TuneUp won't be able to complete iTunes synchronisation until you enable iTunes integration.

Getting Started Guide

Remove Duplicate Tracks


Remove Duplicate Tracks

DeDuper will zap all of the duplicate tracks in your music collection and free up valuable space on your portable devices and hard drive.

Although DeDuper uses waveform recognition to find duplicate songs in your music library, it works best if you have the correct information (also called tags or metadata) associated with your songs first. If your tags aren't correct, we highly recommend cleaning your music collection first. Please take a moment and return to Step 1 and follow the instructions for a quick cleanse of your collection before continuing.


Once TuneUp is open, click the DeDuper tab once. If you need help launching TuneUp, see Step 1: Clean for instructions.

To begin, click the "Find Duplicates" button. TuneUp will begin scanning your collection for duplicate tracks. This takes about 1 minute for every 500 tracks in your library.


TuneUp will list all of the duplicate tracks for you to review, grouped by song and confidence level:

  • Duplicates: at least 90% confident
  • Likely Duplicates: 80% - 90% confident

With each set of duplicates, TuneUp will place a green check mark next to the one with the highest bit rate. This is the recommended track to keep. Those tracks with an X are the duplicates that can be removed.

You can DeDupe one set of songs at a time by clicking the "DeDupe" button next to each result. Or, you can DeDupe an entire bin at once by clicking the "DeDupe All" button.


  • TuneUp does not permanently delete the duplicate tracks that you remove from your music library. Instead, they are placed in a folder called "TuneUp Duplicates", located on your hard drive.
  • You can access all of the tracks you have removed from your music library using DeDuper by clicking the "History" sub-tab within DeDuper.
  • For more help with DeDuper, click here.