• Clean - Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information (like "Track 01" or "Unknown Artist") using cutting-edge waveform recognition.
  • DeDuper - Intelligently finds and removes duplicate music files from your music library using waveform recognition.
  • Cover Art - Scans your entire music collection in seconds and automagically™ fills in missing album artwork.
  • Tuniverse - Delivers music videos, artist bios, concert alerts, social network integration and more
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"TuneUp is an iTunes utility of a different stripe." - Macworld

"Quite possibly the most important piece of software any music lover can buy." - Uncrate

"TuneUp is an awesome plug-in that hooks into an online database and analyzes your incorrect track titles and automatically renames them for you." - Wired

"Thanks to TuneUp I saved about a year's worth of work cleaning up my MP3s." - Shaun

"I don't know what I would have done without TuneUp." - Danny N.