Important noticex
Starting with iTunes 12.2, third party applications require permission in order to access iTunes music collections.

In order to enable TuneUp integration with iTunes, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and select Share iTunes library XML with other applications.

Close and restart iTunes in order for this setting to take effect.

Note: TuneUp won't be able to complete iTunes synchronisation until you enable iTunes integration.


What is TuneUp?

TuneUp is a powerful companion app for iTunes and Windows Media Player that offers must-have digital music organization, management and discovery features. Learn more about TuneUp by checking out our features.

What are the minimum system requirements?

TuneUp is a cross-platform application (works with both Windows and Mac), and can plug into both iTunes and Windows Media Player. For specifics, check out our System Requirements.

How does TuneUp fix mislabeled music?

TuneUp’s Clean feature intelligently fixes mislabeled song information by digitally 'listening' to your tracks by analyzing the audio waveforms and using characteristics like beats per minute (tempo), frequency range, average power in each frequency band (spectral flatness), and acoustic resonances to fix your metadata. This is commonly referred to as acoustic fingerprinting. TuneUp currently licenses this technology (MusicID™) from Gracenote, which references a database of over 90 million indexed tracks.

How many computers can I use my Activation Code on?

TuneUp products are licensed on a per-computer basis. You can transfer your Activation Code up to five (5) times, however the installation associated with the previous computer will be deactivated.

What if I upgrade my OS or reformat my hard drive?

This will not count as a transfer. You'll just need to input your Activation Code into your fresh installation of TuneUp. If you've forgotten your Activation Code you can go here to retrieve it.

I'm having trouble using TuneUp.

Please check out our Help Page to get all the details we didn't cover here. If you need some human interaction, our friendly and helpful Support Team can answer any questions or address any issues you might have.

Are there other ways to get in contact or stay updated about TuneUp?

You can like us on Facebook for cool contests, new updates, and communicate with us and other users.

What's the difference between the One-Time Purchase and Annual Subscription?

We offer two ways to purchase TuneUp. The Annual Subscription is valid for 12 months and renews automatically for additional annual terms until you cancel (details here). If you cancel your annual subscription, the metadata, album cover art and removed duplicates will not be affected or reverted. The One-Time Purchase does not expire.